Since 1992 we have been working with important producers of biodegradable materials for adapting them to the injection production for promotional items and writing instruments.

This big know-how turns out to be one of the key point for The Promoland. We are experts in this field. We work with different biodegradable and compostable materials where they common characteristic is their respect to the US and European standards. Our company rule is working with bio-compostable materials not blended with artificial or toxic substances.

All our words and explanations are documented with official certificates of the materials and meetings with raw material suppliers if necessary.

The Promoland  boasts the exclusivity on some of these biodegradable & compostable materials. We produce writing instruments as well as different and original promotionalproducts.

Take a look to our Lecce Bio production and feel free to ask us the feasibility of your ideas.