With our long lasting know-how in the production of writing instruments and promotional products, we provide a best in class services to the industry, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and European quality criteria.
We have a good assortment of writing instruments made in recyclable plastic, exclusive certified biodegradable/compostable material and a line of metal pens. You will find also an original line of promotional products made of biodegradable material.
All the items follow an unmistakable Italian design.
All our products are patented and you can finally count on something really new and fresh in the market.
For your special enquiries we can also offer the benefits of high volume, low cost production for standard products, modifications to standard products, custom items.
Take a look into our wide selection of items where a FAST SERVICE is granted. We are aware of the importance in your business to have goods delivered in a short time and on time. You can count on us choosing among biodegradable, standard plastic or metal pens or products made of biodegradable/compostable material.
Check the Ring Service section where you can prepare your own virtual on Pandora and Celine pens: you can choose the ring you like among a good color selection. Pandora is also available on the FAST SERVICE list.
We can supply you our items with or without imprint service. Please specify carefully in your request all the details you need so we can reply to your requests at the right moment.
We thank you in advance for your business and we are looking forward to working with you